About us

The Penny Men are the Largest Manufacturer and Supplier of Penny Press Souvenir Machines in the World.
Our experience of building Penny Press Machines began almost 100 years ago as a family business.

We produce souvenir machines that you can count on period!

We have a proven track record of building the most Efficient, Dependable and Profitable souvenir penny machines in the industry.

Our souvenir machines are GREEN, Zero Footprint and manufactured with over 90% recycled materials from sustainable resources.

We are proud to work with the most successful attractions and brand names around United States & Europe.

We provide our products & service in UK and most areas of the EU countries.

Penny Men Europe is a Division of CTM Group Inc.

Penny Men Europe operates as The Penny Men Ltd | Company Nr: 7694016 | Registered in  England & Wales.
UK & Europe Office: 43 Chinbrook Road, London, SE12 9TT, United Kingdom.
T: +44 (0) 208 480 1897  M: +44 (0) 754 577 2145  E: info@pennymen.co.uk

CTM Group Inc contact details.

CTM Group Inc. 13 Red Roof Lane, Unit 1A, Salem, NH 03079-2154. United States.
T: 603-327-0087  F: 603-327-0094 W: www.ctmgroupinc.com

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