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Location: Penny Machine is located inside. 

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Entrance: FREE

The Green Welly Stop

The original business – Post Office and General Store, with a single petrol pump
In those days the business was known as ‘Gosden of Tyndrum’

In the beginning, a long time ago. 48 years, actually; Betty and Les Gosden sold their house in Edinburgh, cashed in pensions and moved, lock stock and barrel to Tyndrum. Admittedly, it took a lot of deliberation and debate. When Betty and Les first viewed the property (from the cross roads) they were greeted with the most stunning Tyndrum spectacle of low clouds, zero visibility and that typical Tyndrum rain.. Attractive? No. Enough to give up a management job, a lovely house in Edinburgh and up-root the family? Maybe. The second visit sold it for them. On that visit, May and Dig Gosden accompanied them to help give a second opinion. They could at least on that day, see the village from the cross roads! More on the website above. 

The Green Welly Stop, Tyndrum, Perthshire FK20 8RY
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